Why an Executive Order?

5 Senators just sent this Letter to the White House in Support of the Executive Order

Dark Money Casts a Sinister Shadow Across the Land

Obama urged to impose rules on campaign spending disclosure

Taxpayer Dollars and Disclosure in Politics

Requiring Government Contractors to Disclose Political Spending

How to Help?

Sign the Petition

Host a Rally


1. Invite speakers! If you haven’t already, it’s not too late. Reach out to local elected officials and local organizations that are endorsing this effort – groups like Sierra Club and Communications Workers of America are actively involved and have local chapters. Here is a sign on letter (PDF) to see a list of the over 50 national organizations participating – there are actually more involved and a larger list of groups involved with the amendment effort is at www.united4thepeople.org.

2. Invite your member of Congress – they will be on recess on April 2, so home in your district! We have a sample invitation that we can share with you.

3. Signs for rallies: We have 500 “Pay 2 Play, End It Today” signs to split up amongst about 50 rallies and a pretty much unlimited stock of “Democracy Is Not For Sale” signs. We have sent out signs to most of you this week, but if you just signed up, make sure you request how many you need.

4. Post flyers around town in places like coffee shops and libraries and bring them to public places to distribute, along with a petition (pdf) so you can stay in touch with people who are interested in attending. Two templates are attached for you to fill in your information and distribute. I am also attaching PDF versions where you can write in your info as some folks have been having trouble with formatting on the word versions.

5. Use your personalized Facebook event page available by clicking on your event at www.getmoneyoutaction.org to promote your event.

6. Send out emails to your friends and to organizations to ask them to publicize the event. A list of national organizations – many have local chapters – is at www.united4thepeople.org. We will have samples available shortly.

7. Check who has joined your event at www.actionnetwork.org and reach out to them (you’ll need to create a log-in if you haven’t already, the click on “Your Dashboard” and scroll down and look on the right to find your event). You might even want to invite them over (or go to a café) and have a planning meeting. You don’t have to do this by your self! If you do, reach out to friends and neighbors too, as folks who you know personally are most likely to join you.

8. Send a letter to the editor to your local papers, including information about when and where your event will be. Reach out to papers, radio stations and online calendars to ask to be included in their event listings.

9. Use this handy guide (PDF) for more in depth ideas on ways to outreach.

10. Send out a media advisory (attached) well advance of your event. Make follow-up calls and see if the would be willing to cover the rally. Here is a media guide (PDF) for tips on working with the media.

11. THE DAY OF YOUR EVENT: You have made it! We’ll add a few resources more here shortly, including sample press statements. Here is a Sample Petition (.doc) so you can collect signatures at your event and involve attendees in future organizing. Please make sure you send us a copy. Here are some Suggested Rally Chants (pdf). A handout that you can use is attached.

Please make sure you take pictures and email them to panderson@citizen.org!!

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