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The corrosive influence of money in elections and the concentration of political power in the hands of an elite fraction of the American population have shattered the American vision of government of, by, and for the people.

Urge your members of Congress to fight for Solutions United against Citizens United in order to fix the unprecedented corruption of our political system.

Here are the Solutions United to restore democracy and #GetMoneyOut:

Overturning Citizens United and related U.S. Supreme Court rulings with a constitutional amendment that would restore the First Amendment to the American people and allow limits on corporate election spending via the Democracy For All Amendment.

Empowering small donors in campaigns by providing a substantial match of public funds to small contributions in congressional elections, via reform legislation such as the Government by the People Act and the Fair Elections Now Act, as well as in presidential elections, such as that offered by the Empowering Citizens Act.

Restoring transparency to our elections via the DISCLOSE Act, the SUN Act, and the Real Time Transparency Act, which would ensure our right to know in a timely manner who is trying to influence our elections.

Ensuring shareholders, not CEOs, are in charge of corporate spending decisions via the Shareholder Protection Act.

Prohibiting campaign coordination between candidates and super PACs by clarifying the legal definition of “coordination,” so that candidates may not simply do an end run around their contribution limits by helping set up and raise unlimited funds for their own super PACs.